Mega Man Cup Art Set-Up


Here are some in-progress pix of the Mega Man Cup art we did recently.  As you can see I had some help building the mosaic from some family and friends.  Good Times…

Mega Man Pixel Cup Art Setup 1

Me and my Bro In-law working hard.

Mega Man Pixel Cup Art Setup 2

That's my son helpin out.

Mega Man Pixel Cup Art Setup 3

Me and my daughter surveying our work.

Mega Man Pixel Cup Art Setup 4

Taking care of of the upper areas with a friend of mine.

Mega Man Pixel Cup Art Setup 5

Working on Mega Man's face.



4 Responses to “Mega Man Cup Art Set-Up”

  1. Bekah says:

    Are you taking votes for future projects? If so, I cast a million votes for Sailor Moon.

    • Bekah says:

      Scratch that. Kid Icarus. Costco doesn’t have big enough cups for Sailor Moon.

    • Jah says:

      nooo not fair! Im already cerusd with no luck and chubby knees, but with 893 other people all dying to get their hands on these gorgess headbands, I think I should just kneel down and accept my defeat elegantly.. oh well, i guess there is always next time:PBut I really do want to win one of those beauties!!

  2. Jesboski-hoo says:

    Love the site! boom.

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