Metroid Pixel Cup Art

Metroid Pixel Cup Art Closeup

Metroid Pixel Cup Art Closeup

The long wait is over!  Pixeled Fence version 2.0 is finally here.  Loved this game as a kid and still love it now.  I think it turned out great.



  • Subject: Classic Metroid (Nintendo Game)
  • Location: Provo, UT. Carterville Rd over University Ave
  • Cup Count: 670
  • Colors: 7 (About 9 cans of spray paint)
  • Build Time: About 2 Hours
Metroid Pixel Cup Art - Far Away

Metroid Pixel Cup Art - Far Away


17 Responses to “Metroid Pixel Cup Art”

  1. Bekah says:

    Nostalgia overload.

  2. Jon says:

    Awesome. Re-living the glory days. Probably my top favorite game of all time.

  3. radinplaid says:

    i would love to help with any of these projects. you can email of check with jef to get my (cory’s) phone number.

  4. Virtual Tour says:

    Looks good man!, I want to see how to do this so I can do it myself! PS, I love the sign that you put up for it!

  5. WSNeo says:

    I’m curious, did you ever get any issues from the local police for doing this?

  6. admin says:

    No issue with any authorities so far. Hopefully we never will :)

  7. admin says:

    Got picked up by Kotaku again, sweet! See the post here…

    Big thanks to “Owen Good” and “radinplaid” for the props.

    • radinplaid says:

      absolutely. ive enjoyed your projects ever since jef tipped me off and i figured it was worth sharing with other like-minded folks.

  8. MH says:

    I’m a longtime gamer, even longer time artist. I dig what you’re doing. I love painting in pixels, too. Used to draw one pixel at a time on Windows 3.1 Paintbrush porgram. Besides your kids, if you ever need an artistic wingman, I’d be into it. I live close to this bridge. And I think I could bring some good ideas to the table. Keep it up :)

    • admin says:

      Always a pleasure to meet a fellow Artist/Gamer. I will be announcing something related to your request soon. Stay tuned :)

  9. Pixelman says:

    Well, the good times are over for Samus. This morning I discovered that the cups were all maliciously pulled out of the fence, crushed, and scattered all over the sidewalk. It appears to have been gang related since the sidewalk was also freshly tagged (I took pics but I’d rather not post them and give them any satisfaction). I was very disappointed that this happened. A bunch of lousy thugs with nothing better to do than destroy. Oh well, hopefully the next project will last a little bit longer.

  10. Pixelman says:

    Zach with 8BitDad made a nice article about this here…

    Thanks Zach!

  11. fence says:


    [...]Metroid Pixel Cup Art « Pixeled Fence[...]…

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  13. I do love the way you have presented this challenge plus it does indeed supply us some fodder for consideration. Yet, thank you for this superb piece.

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