Metroid Cup Art Set-Up


Here are some in-progress pix of the Metroid cup art.  We took a little more time on this one to make sure the cups were in far enough.  The previous one had some bulging cause the cups are so close together.  Well worth the extra effort.  Enjoy!

metroid cup art progress 1

A bag full O' cups and ready to go.

metroid cup art progress 3

Getting Samus started on the fence. My daughter is holding the design so we don't mess it up.

metroid cup art progress 1

Got Samus part way done here, and a couple of my kids holding cups for us.

metroid cup art progress 3

Building from the other side. Just getting started on the metroid.

metroid cup art progress 4

This is a fun sign I left under the artwork for any passerby's. Hopefully it works. (Just so you know, the spelling errors are totally intentional... yeah...)


8 Responses to “Metroid Cup Art Set-Up”

  1. Up for an interview? I’m based out of SLC and I’d love to do a story on this.

  2. Gabriel says:

    Pixel man, I wanted to know if you would like to do something together on Carterville. I live just down the street and both of these pieces have got me thinking a lot. I have an idea for a huge… I mean huge project and I was wondering if you would be interested. My email is here so let me know.

  3. Jacob says:

    So glad I found your website. I’ve been bummed that it’s Metoid’s 25th anniversary this year, and nintendo hasn’t done anything to acknowledge the anniversary. It was while I was whining about this to my roommate on our way to Orem that we passed by your artwork on saturday. I was very happy to see it, and especially one of such great quality. Well done!

  4. Christian says:

    I was riding my bike along my usual route over the bridge and saw someone had torn this one down, just left the cups along the walkway disregarding your note! So mad!

    I enjoy all the cool stuff. Makes my day when I ride past! Looking forward to more! Cheers!

    • Pixelman says:

      Yeah, some people just don’t appreciate a little 8-bit goodness in their lives. Glad you liked it. You should ride past again today by the way :)

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