Duck Hunt Pixel Cup Art


Duck Hunt Pixel Cup Art - Close Up

So for the 3rd piece from pixeled fence we decided to go with something a little different, Duck Hunt.  I loved this game but I hated how the dog always laughed at you when you missed.  This piece memorializes that moment of frustration, love it.


  • Subject: Duck Hunt (Nintendo Game)
  • Location: Provo, UT. Carterville Rd over University Ave
  • Cup Count: 592
  • Colors: 7
  • Build Time: About 2 Hours

Duck Hunt Pixel Cup Art - Far Away



5 Responses to “Duck Hunt Pixel Cup Art”

  1. Joe says:

    Is it still up? I’ve been out of town since this was made, and would love to see it live

  2. Lou says:

    I think Carterville Rd is over University Parkway, not University Ave. Thanks for sharing your artwork. it’s always entertaining to see.

    • Open says:

      PLEASE get together with soomene and make a new game with your pixel art included! I know that the Amiga is no longer a market sadly but some beautiful hand drawn work in either 128 or 256 colours such as in an Adventure game would be stunning!. I LOVE your work!! Someone also mention Perhihelion, were you responsible for that work?, simply beautiful!!, I loved that game and finished it back in the day, your artistic genius would have helped that process

    • says:

      The Enchanted Cave is probably one of the most fun and addictive Flash games I have ever played, and has more replay value than most of the games I have shelled out hard cash for. I wasted plenty of hours of my life playing this, and Mardek, another Flash game that stands at the forefront. Great job.I like your pixel art. It really takes me back to my NES/SNES gaming roots. Long, chatty, epic storylines are all fine and good in fantasy rpg/adventure games, but a lot of games today have forgotten how to just be fun to play. It’s a pleasure to be reminded of the good ol’ days when big, expensive, fancy graphics weren’t the selling point.I would love to see a rehash/update of this game with more challenging fights and/or some puzzle solving, another great feature of Lufia which would fit perfectly into this creation. Perhaps more manual control or at least more practical use of spells and/or the ability to specialize into spellcasting (without laboriously collecting spell-based equipment first) would also be excellent. ^_^That said, I know you have other ambitions, but I’d be the first in line to play The Enchanted Cave 2: Even More Enchanted-er! Keep it up.

    • Delphine says:

      I LOVE to squirrel hunt and try to go each monnrig while the season is open before I go to work. I take a water proof pouch with me for extra 22 shells, a pocket knife, hat, I use a camoflague game vest that has a vinyl lining to carry my squirrels and hat. During the summer I carry bug spray towelettes.Run like a Deer.* ..Fly like an Eagle.*~~

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